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How I Watched My Business
Take Flight

By Patricia Bologna

When people see my marketing materials, they often ask me why I picked Flight Marketing Group as the name of my business. I tell them, “Because Flight Marketing will take your business to new heights.” As soon as I say that, clients smile and say, “I get it. I like it.” It took a while to get to that name and tag line. In fact, it took a while to get everything done that a new business needs in order to launch. 

When I decided to launch my own company, I had the drive. I had the talent and the passion. I also had a healthy dose of fear. Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Too often, when adrenaline starts racing through your veins at the thought of a new adventure, you can make a hasty decision. Fear slows you down. It says, “Hey, let’s not rush into things here.” The questions that kept running through my head were constant. Would I be able to get enough customers? How would I find the right resources to operate the company? What would the future look like? That’s when I realized before I launched anything, I needed to create a business plan.

The Plan

It wasn’t enough to say, “I want to start a marketing and design firm”. I had to clarify what this firm would do, how it would operate, who I would work with, and so much more.

I found a mentor from a Small Business Development Center to help me create my business plan. We spent a lot of time talking about all the aspects of how I wanted to run the company. From these discussions, I was able to simplify what my goals were, as well as my challenges. By creating a plan, I was also able to create specific tasks and timelines, which helped me stay on track. I started to work on each task, and I continue to do so. It’s an ongoing process.

What’s in a Name?

You wouldn’t think coming up with a name would be easy, but I came up with over 55 names for my business initially and then started to eliminate them one by one. When I got down to 10 names, I created a rough logo design for each, and showed them to people I trusted asking for honest feedback. I reviewed the feedback and then ranked each logo and name and did some creative tweaking. I studied each name and logo carefully and asked myself which one adequately reflected my voice and concept for the business. The winning name was Flight Marketing Group, and the winning logo depicted by my hand-drawn red airplane in flight.

Research, Research, Research.

Although I have years of professional experience in the marketing industry, I needed to understand more about running my own business. I researched who my competition was, as well as finding out about my local chamber of commerce and business networking groups. I also took a lot of online seminars to help with the day-to-day running of the business. 

Hiring the Best

When it came time to finding the right staff, I wanted to hire business professionals that not only had the skill set and the knowledge that I needed, but also shared my passion and vision to grow the business. Together, we collaborated, creating marketing materials and content that brought the concept of Flight Marketing Group to life.

There were a lot of moments when it seemed for every step forward, I took two steps back. But as things slowly came together, I watched in excitement as what started as just an idea I had, formed into an actual business. This month we celebrate the launch of Flight Marketing Group. Watch us. We’re ready to soar.

Patricia Bologna is the owner and founder of Flight Marketing Group LLC. To find out more about Flight Marketing Group visit www.flightmarketing.group Send your questions or comments to patricia@flightmarketing.group

About Me

Patricia Bologna

Patricia Bologna

I'm a multi-disciplined art director that has a background in painting, photography, and a BA in graphic design. I taught graphic design courses at SUNY Farmingdale for 8 years and worked in the corporate world as an graphic designer/art director for over 15 years. My love for marketing and design is driven by wanting to help businesses to grow. Not all designs are created equal. I strive to design the unexpected with the intelligence and understanding of the customers business. You have to define their value and tell their story. That's the most critical aspect of a successful design.

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